Water lilies look marvellous in every garden, park or other green area with water reservoir. They enchant with their beauty, are easy to cultivate and provide opportunity of diverse use according to personal likings. Water lilies are a very diversified group, however they all share one feature – lilies are wonderful decoration of ponds, waterholes and any other body of water. With their presence reservoir becomes vivid and more natural.


Waterlily ''Conqueror'' Nymphaea 'Conqueror'

Waterlily ''Conqueror'' Nymphaea 'Conqueror' View larger

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Position: full sun
Depth: 50-100 cm
Water surface covered with leaves: 1.5 to 2 m²
Flowering: VI-IX

The individual petals are red or pink. Blooms intensively. Require medium or large pond. Beautiful, healthy and reliable variety.

If you want to achieve the best effects in your planting, do it in a place easily reached by a lot of sunbeams, because in shaded ponds the effects will be poor most probably. Apart from that, it is advised to organize massive planting at a time. If there is a fertile swamp at the bottom of a water reservoir, you can apply the plants there, but if not, please get a 28x28 cm or bigger basket. To achieve better results, do not forget to place some compost/soil inside with a little bit of manure (granular or plain). After doing that, scatter some grit at the top to make quite a thick layer of it. The stones should measure about 8-16 mm. Another tip is to let the young plants grow in shallow water up to the moment they are able to have their first leaves. 


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Waterlily ''Conqueror'' Nymphaea 'Conqueror'

Waterlily ''Conqueror'' Nymphaea 'Conqueror'

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