Water lilies look marvellous in every garden, park or other green area with water reservoir. They enchant with their beauty, are easy to cultivate and provide opportunity of diverse use according to personal likings. Water lilies are a very diversified group, however they all share one feature – lilies are wonderful decoration of ponds, waterholes and any other body of water. With their presence reservoir becomes vivid and more natural.


Ceratophyllym demersum

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Submerged oxygenator Hornwort floats freely in a depth of 30 - 150cm  of water. Grows well in a sunny or partially shaded pond

.In a new pond, the stocking rate of oxygenating plants should be two/three bunches per m2


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Ceratophyllym demersum

Ceratophyllym demersum

 Ceratophyllum demersum Hornwort - submerged oxygenator with dark green feathery foliage that grows loose in a still or slow moving pond. 

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