Water lilies look marvellous in every garden, park or other green area with water reservoir. They enchant with their beauty, are easy to cultivate and provide opportunity of diverse use according to personal likings. Water lilies are a very diversified group, however they all share one feature – lilies are wonderful decoration of ponds, waterholes and any other body of water. With their presence reservoir becomes vivid and more natural.


Water plants you are looking for !!!

Are you going to have a pond in your garden or anywhere else? If yes, you are in the right place. In our online shop, you can find excellent water plants for sale. We have our own nursery, where we take thorough care of the flora. Our products will make your park, garden or any other area with a water reservoir look more vivid and beautiful. No matter which part of Europe you live in, we can provide you with various aquatic pond plants, as well as all the essential equipment.

We are immensely experienced in our field, thus we are perfectly aware how to cultivate them in order to achieve the most efficient final results. is a renowned company, recognized both on the local and international market. Our huge advantage is that the area where we have our nursery of water plants for ponds is located in a highly ecological and clean European area. Namely, there are 5 national parks nearby and among them there is the last primeval forest on the continent, called Białowieża Forest.

We stock deep water, coastal, moisture, wetland, oxygenating, floating and purifying plants, as well as water lilies, to name but a few. Our offer is aimed both at individual hobbyists or breeders and enterprises providing their clients with professional garden arrangement. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the cheap pond plants from our nursery.

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