Water lilies look marvellous in every garden, park or other green area with water reservoir. They enchant with their beauty, are easy to cultivate and provide opportunity of diverse use according to personal likings. Water lilies are a very diversified group, however they all share one feature – lilies are wonderful decoration of ponds, waterholes and any other body of water. With their presence reservoir becomes vivid and more natural.


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The plants which you can see below are water irises, commonly admired for their unique beauty. They can come in various colours and make your pond much more vivid. They can be yellow, purple, blue, white or red, to mention but a few. One of them is Iris pseudacorus, whose name suggest that it is often mistaken with Acorus calamus. It is because both plants have very similar leaves which resemble a sword.

Another water plant offered here is Iris sibirica. Its name suggests that it originates from Siberia, but it is not the only area where it can be found. This rhizomatous herbaceous perennial is also popular in many European countries and in the Central Asia. It can take various shades of violet and blue and it has a branched stem.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items